Sherry James Take A Read on the Cowboy Side
Sherry James Take A Read on the Cowboy Side
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Hey, Readers!

It's Holiday time once again. Wow. Where do the days go? This year has been a hectic, fast moving one due to my job, kids, 4-H, and daily doses of "that's just life." Somewhere in between all that I sneak in writing time. This fall I did a two day writing retreat with a fellow writer friend. We booked rooms at a comfy hotel and wrote for hours at a time, only stopping to find food, caffeine, and stretch our legs when our brains, and backs, needed a break.

If you haven't checked out my holiday STUDS 4 HIRE romance, ELF TROUBLE, please do. Holly, Gil, and their canine friends are sure to bring a little holiday cheer to your day.


I am in the middle of two writing projects right now. One is a new cowboy romance which a major publisher has requested. I hope to have THE COWGIRL and the BILLIONAIRE done soon. I will let you know when and where you can find Drake Holden and Nia Blake's story.

The second is a non-fiction book chronicaling the history of 4-H in the county where I live. I have 80 years worth of history to find, sort through, and piece together into a book. I'm really excited about this project as I love history. It's been fun digging through old photographs and scrapbooks searching for answers and leads. I have a lot more work ahead of me on this project, but I can't wait to see all the history come together into one place instead of it being scattered in places where it can't be enjoyed and appreciated by others. Thank goodness I have a great research partner! He's been doing a lot of digging for me!

With so much work ahead of me, I'd best get back to work!

Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Until next time . . . Happy Trails!

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