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  Romantic Comedy by Sherry James  



  Elf Trouble by Sherry James
A Studs 4 Hire "short"
If you're looking 4 trouble,
you've found it!


Gil Boyd hates Christmas, so when his sexy lady bosses at Studs 4 Hire assign him to construct a Santa House for a fundraising event for a local animal shelter, he’s forced to quiet his inner Grinch and get the job done. On a tight deadline to complete the project, Gil is promised plenty of volunteer help only to find that the only help he’s going to get comes in the form of one tiny, blonde-haired beauty named Holly Everwood.



Between Holly’s elf hat, her unwavering holiday spirit, and the mangy mutt by her side, Gil is convinced she’s come direct from the North Pole just to torment his tattered, loner self. With time to complete the project running out, irritating Christmas carols accompanying his work, and a beautiful sprite tempting his resolve to remain unattached, Gil finds he’s in trouble up to his tool belt. Can Holly show Gil the real magic of Christmas is waiting if only he’ll open his heart? barnes &

  Studs 4 Hire Boxed Set by Sherry James
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WOMAN in CHARGE barnes & noble smashwords  


  Woman In Charge by Sherry James
Studs 4 Hire Book #2
Dusty Trail Publishing
  Has Elvis really left the building . . . or is his spirit playing matchmaker?



Alex Roy is used to building classy timber frame homes for the elite, but his last business association with a woman left him in debt and his heart in shreds.  Is he so desperate to earn a paycheck and reclaim his business that he'll swallow his pride and design a shrine to the King of Rock 'n' Roll in a widow's mansion?  And what about Casey Burrows, the woman who wants to hire him to do the job for the wealthy widow? Alex has an eye for good lines—and Casey's are curving in all the right places.  But can he handle the job and walk away with his heart and reputation unscathed?  Or will he end up as a permanent resident in Heartbreak Hotel? Barnes & Noble smashwords  
  ARe kobo
"Ms. Sherry James has written a marvelously entertaining, fast-paced book which was almost impossible to put down. I love her writing style—she introduces alpha males, but does not minimize the abilities and strengths of the women she pairs the men with. Her characters are dynamic and confident in their abilities to perform. The characters are believable and compliment the sub characters in her stories."---Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio.
"Deliciously funny, erotic, and sexy, Woman in Charge will certainly kick your engine into gear. I can't wait for the next book in this series."---Cheryl, the Book Connection.

  Woman on Top by Sherry James
Book #1 Studs 4 Hire
Dusty Trail Publishing

Woman on Top (Studs 4 Hire)


He's one hot carpenter undercover . . .


Trevor is directed to go undercover at Studs for Hire as a carpenter. His mission–seduce Sydnie into unknowingly giving him ideas to launch the Venus Bra for one of the ad agency’s biggest clients, Stardust Lingerie. But how can he steal her advertising ideas and win her heart, too?


She's one feisty boss with something to prove . . .


Sydnie Riley is tired of men always being the boss. After she’s cheated out of a promotion at her advertising job by her sexy nemesis and almost lover, Trevor Vanden Bosch, she decides it’s time she take charge of her life and career. She ditches her male-dominated corporate job, bands together with two college friends, and creates Studs 4 Hire, a contracting firm loaded with sexy electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. As the brains behind Studs for Hire, Sydnie's ready to give the orders, not take them.

  . . . . together they'll battle each other's shenanigans and weather one little deception that could keep them from finding their happily-ever-after. Barnes & Noble Smashwords
    ARe kobo  
5 Red Roses Red Roses for Authors "Do not be mislead by the title!  It is a clever pun. This is sassy, fun and sensual. I loved this romance by an author new to me."---Linda, Red Roses for Authors. Read the complete review at Red Roses for Authors.
"Woman on Top made me laugh and left me breathless. Funny, sexy romances don't get any better than  this! This is going to be a great series."---Cheryl, the Book Connection.
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